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Wind Spin Double Curlers Curl Hair Diffuser

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Blow your hair curl naturally in just 1 minutes!

(2 different size of curlers included)

Color: Black / Red


Wind Spin Easy Curl Diffuser is a revolutionary new way tool for creating luscious natural curls while drying your hair all in one simple process. Using cutting-edge technology, it gives soft, tangle-free curls to your hair in just a minute, just attach it together with your hair dryer to make your hair curl naturally without damage. It is safer than using a curling iron and it can change the wind direction to choose the different style of hair curly.



  • 2 types of different size curlers allow your hair to shape flexibly;
  • Make of PP quality material with heat resistent well, durable use;
  • Using high temperature resistance material which made of PA66 nylon and fibre;
  • Macromolecule material with the function of anti-heat, anti-static and etc;
  • Universal size for most hair dryers;
  • flexible wind adjustable;



Step 1: Wash and condition hair as normal. Towel dry and detangle with added bounce and shine apply styling spray on the hair.

Step 2: Attach the  wind spin diffuser to the hair dryer and select wind direction you want.

Step 3: Insert your hair and move the wind spin diffuser up and down.

Step 4: For maximum curls and waves, please use your fingers to separate the curls.

Step 5: Switch "Hot Wind" on the hair dryer for a while to get the hair curls.

Step 6: Switch "Cold Wind" on the hair dryer for a while to cool down hair to consolidate the hair curl shape.

Step 7: After 1-3 minutes blowing on every parts, release your hair from the wind spin diffuser for the ready curl effect result.



  • Total Length: 23.3cm
  • Opening Diameter for hair: 6.3cm
  • Opening Diameter for hair dryer: 5.4cm

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