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Andis Fade Replacement Blade Fits Model US-1 #66255

RM 110.00 RM 148.00

Andis 66255 Fade US-1 Blade Set is designed for plentiful use without degrading in quality in any manner. Made with stainless-steel it’s eager to be the long-term replacement for your previous Fade blade, requiring minimal sharpening to stay precise for years to come.

  • Perfect for fading (front, top, back and sides)
  • Adjusts from Size 00000 to Size 000, leaves hair 1/125″ (.2mm) to 1/50″ (.5mm)
  • Can be zero-gapped for balding cuts

Best for: Close cutting performance on Fade clippers.


Leaves hair 1/125 - 1/50" (0.2 - 0.5mm)

Carbon-steel for dependable, long-life blade that stays sharp.

Original replacement for model US-1 Fade adjustable blade clipper.

Adjusts from 00000-000.

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