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Codos CHC-803 Baby Hair Clipper (Waterproof)

RM 95.00 RM 110.00


Color: Baby Blue

Battery: AAA alkaline battery (2pcs)


Description: This is a great cordless waterproof hair clipper and is really designed for kids and made for moms. Lighter and smaller than most other professional hair clippers, Codos children clipper provides a top quality hair cutting experience. With its powerful rotary motor and extremely sharp Ceramic Edge blades, which easily cuts through any type of hair with smooth and even results. It is relatively quiet and easy to handle.



  • Special designed ceramic blade for baby, only 32mm wide;
  • Teeth width 0.8mm, smooth treated blade angle protects baby skin; 
  • Totally waterproof clipper, can be direct washed in water; 
  • 2.4V powerful motor;
  • Detachable blade convenient for cleaning;
  • Baby mini cape for extra;
  • Super low noise and vibration prevents baby from frightening;

  • Guide comb enables safer and more convenient use

  • Suitable for baby aged 0-8;

Attachments: 3/6mm and 9/12mm comb guides, cleaning brush, mini neck cloak

Warranty: 1 Year

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