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Dexe Beauty Gaga Hair Color Tong Chalk (Buy 1 Free 1)

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Introdution of Dexe Beauty Gaga Hair Color Tong Chalk
In the world of session styling we are always looking for new ways to change the hair. Wild crazy colour become the new hot thing but you can't just colour a model hair just because you feel like it. We wanted full on colour but without the commitment! We had the share of moments where we wanted crazy colour hair on a Friday, but come on Monday morning I didn’t want my crazy colour anymore.
We want to be able to put it on and just as easily take it off. I'm asking myself why can't hair colour be just as easy as applying make-up? I had been experimenting with pigments since the 80’s obsessed with the powdered wigs of the French Revolution. The influence came from those times but we wanted it to be intense and almost fluro as it is the intense flash of colour that makes it modern. Dexe HAIR COLOR CHALK products are wipe on, wipe off colouring products! It’s just for fun and just for the one night. With a towel draped around your shoulders to protect your clothes, we would apply the hair coloring product and then the Dexe COLOR CHALK product make it stick. You can keep this raw texture or apply a fine mist of hair spray to lock the colour.
Dexe Beauty Gaga Hair Color Tong is a professional hair dye chalk with non-toxic, safe and will not harm hairThe Dexe Beauty Gaga Hair Color Tong is a wipe on, wipe off coloring product! It's the creation of instant highlights, the color can stay on your hair until it is wahsed with normal shampoo. there are 12 colors are available to meet different styles, different colors can be applied on hair to highlight your hair. Besides, the finest ingredients make it never harm your hair. It is the most convenient temporary hair color product which can gives you crazy hair at Friday night and can be easily wiped off in the Monday morning.
  • Non-toxic and natural
  • Can color your hair at anytime and anywhere
  • Several mins color your hair and washable
  • Convenient and suitable for party tine and outdoor activities even in your daily life
  • Very fashion and hightlight your hair

1. Put a dry towel around your neck to protect your clothing or just use an old t-shirt.
2. Spray some water on the hair.
3. Daub the chalk onto the wet hair evenly from the top down.
4. Blow dry the hair.
5. Use the curling iron or hair spray, the color will last longer.
6. You can not brush your hair after the chalk is applied as it will brush out.
7. When you have finished simply wash your hair with shampoo and your chalk will be washed out.
8. Be careful of water and rain as the chalk powder may run onto your clothes.

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