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Gamma+ Boosted Super Torque Modular Cordless Trimmer #HCGPTRBD

RM 550.00

Gamma+ Boosted Super Toque Motor Trimmer #HCGPTRBD

The Gamma+ team of engineers did it again! Our state-of-the-art grooming tools cater exclusively to discerning professionals in the hair industry. The Gamma+ Boosted Professional Cordless Hair Trimmer exemplifies our dedication to excellence. Equipped with a powerful Super Torque Motor, it operates at an impressive 8,000 strokes per minute, ensuring superior efficiency and performance in salon settings. The Double Black Diamond DLC X-Pro Wide fixed blade and “The One” deep slim tooth cutter guarantee precise, smooth cuts without pulling or snagging. With a fully adjustable blade, it can be zero-gapped from 0.8 to 0mm for the closest finish.

• Black diamond x-pro wide blade
• Adjustable zero gap blade
• 3 Interchangeable custom body kits
• Super-toque motor
• High toque motor 8000rpm
• Zero gap setter
• 120 minutes cordless run-time lithium-ion battery
• USB-C rechargeable

The USB-C rechargeable Lithium-ion battery provides a prolonged 120-minute runtime and quick 120-minute recharge, offering flexibility to charge in the stand or via USB-C cable for worldwide convenience. A three-level LED indicator on the trimmer signals full charge. The anti-slip docking station, featuring an LED light and space-saving design, ensures seamless charging during busy salon hours.

Classic toggle on/off side switch for enhanced ease of use.

Engineered in Italy, our kit includes the Gamma+ Boosted Professional Cordless Hair Trimmer, black diamond DLC X-Pro Wide fixed fade blade, “The One” DLC deep tooth cutter blade, USB-C cord, charging stand/cord, customizable lids in black, red, and gold, zero-gap blade setter, cleaning/maintenance kit, and mini screwdriver. Elevate your salon experience with our premium tools, blending precision and innovation to deliver exceptional results tailored for Professional Barbers and Stylists.

The anti-slip docking station, with an LED light and innovative space-saving design, ensures seamless charging during busy salon hours.

1 Year Warranty

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