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110ml Silkie Touch Vita Restore Hair Tonic

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Silkie Touch Hair Tonic treats premature hair loss

Silkie Touch Vita Restore Tonic is created after years of intensive research in Japan. Its unique bio-chemical formula combined with hydroglycolic plant extracts is perfected after series of intensive scientific test. The hydroglycolic plants extracts are derived using an original process whereby active ingredients are preserved undamaged. You can be assured of the gentle yet effective results evidenced after using Silkie Touch Vita Restore Tonic.
Spray onto scalp and massage with a gentle, circular, finger tip motion for 3 minutes. Treat the more affected areas by repeated application and massage. Use Silkie Touch Vita Restore Tonic regularly and it will gradually revitalize your hair. However at the start of the treatment, it could increase the loss of hair but you are assured that this condition is only temporary. Within 6-10 weeks, you should have a much healthier growth of hair.

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