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120ml Professional ECO Wave Hair Perming Lotion

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This is brand new series of high quality professional perming series that is powered by intensive moisturizing system. It helps reinforce protein absorption to repair and improve hair quality. After perming, hair stays healthy and curls last longer. The result is smooth and glossy curls that looks nourished and strong.



1) After washing hair, towel-dry until about 80% done, secure a curl band base on the desired style.

2) Then apply softener evenly on the curl band, leaving it on for 15-25 mins (if the room temperature is low heat it for few more minutes).

3) After the curls visible, rinse with water, leaving on the curl band.

4) Next, absorb excess water using a towel before applying item No. 2 directly.

5) Divide item No. 2 into 2 portions.

6) Leave the first portion on for 8 minutes and the remainder for another 7 minutes.

7) Then take off the curl band and rinse with water before shaping hair.

8) The hair is ready to set style. 

Package Includes:

  • 120ml Professional ECO Wave Lotion
  • 120ml Professional ECO Wave Neutralizer

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