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120ml Rene Hair Protein Cold Wave Lotion

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Rene Protein Cold Wave Lotion is formulated to maximise the natural condition of hair during waving and insure moisture and structural reaction to smoother and protect hair & scalps. The special Rene Sweet Corn Protein benefit in helping hair retain structure, lustre texture thus you retain more lusting, uniform curls.



1) Shampoo and towel dry hair.

2) Wrap hair neatly and completely.

3) After all curls are wrapped, saturate each curl with waving lotion.

4) Use cotton to blow excess lotion from scalp.

5) Check test curls constantly.

6) When hair forms firm 'S' pattern, rinse curls carefully and thoroughly with warm water, use easy water pressure, blow with towel to avoid dilution.

7) Apply neutralizer generously to each curl and to adjacent scalp by use all of neutralizer, wait 5 minutes for complete conditioning and rebonding action.

8) Rinse curls and all exposed skin area thoroughly with warm water, use full water pressure.

9) Rinse again with warm water and set hair.


Package Includes:

  • 120ml Rene Protein Cold Wave Lotion
  • 120ml Rene Instant Neutralizer

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