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150ml Disicide All1Clean Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner

RM 25.00

Are you worried about your makeup artist who never disinfects after applying makeup on previous customers?

Do you lend your brush to someone else but didn't have time to clean it thoroughly?

We never know what's on other people's skin!
There might be oil, dead skin, blood, secretion and even pus on the brush! Not to mentioned bacteria and viruses too!

This Antibacterial spray is able to clean and conditions the brushes quickly before applying on to next person!

It can be used on all water-resistant and porous surfaces as well as textiles and leather.

Makeup Brush Cleaner is an antibacterial spray that simultaneously cleans and conditions your brushes, which increases their lifespan while ensuring flawless makeup application.

  • Water-based solvent-free product. Vegan.
  • This is a quick drying and rinse-free spray.
  • Can be used on both natural and synthetic fibers.
  • UN 1170 Hazard Class 3, flammable.

How to use:
Spray a small amount on the brush and gently massage the bristles.
Wipe off with tissue.

Made in Sweden

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