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300ml Barber Salon Pentagon Spray Bottle Water Sprayer.jpg

300ml Barber Salon Pentagon Spray Bottle Water Sprayer

RM 12.00 RM 18.00

This plastic salon bottle has a capacity of 300ml. Its hydraulic pressure is adjustable which can meet your different needs of water levels.

Spray fluid like mist: This product can spray fluid like mist, which ensures a uniform distribution of water or hair care solution. It is suitable for hair dry cleaning or hair nursing;
Adjustable hydraulic pressure: To meet your different needs, rotating its nozzle can adjust hydraulic pressure;
Multifunctional: It is suitable for home use and professional hairdressing salon use. And it can also be used to water flowers or cleaning;
Large capacity: It has a capacity of 300ml;
Durable: Made of high quality plastic, more durable;
Small and light: It is small and light, convenient to hold.

Japan imported atomizer
Color: Black & Grey
Weight: 80g
Main Material: PET Plastic
Size: H200mm * L70mm * L70mm

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