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30ml x 3 sets Dexe Anti Hair Loss Lotion (Day & Night)

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Dexe Anti-Hair Loss Lotion


  • Reduce hair loss with 3 easy steps everyday.
  • Made from natural ingredient - Polygonum , fresh white root, Panax, tea tree oil, old ginger, Oriental Arborvitae.
  • Reduce hair loss through the use of plant tincture and plant extracts, helps open up the nutrition follicle growth hormone and promote hair regrowth.


1.   Apply the hair nurturing lotion twice daily - day use (white bottle) and night use (black bottle).
        About a drop or two, about 5mls per application, two times a day - in the morning and at night. 
2.   Using the suction drip, place a drop or two on receding hair line or sparse area and dab with brush provided.
        Alternatively you can place the lotion drip into clean small container, dip the clean brush with the lotion then apply on the sparse area with the brush.
3.   To be used on dry hair; ensure hair is dry after shampoo before applying.


Polygonum , fresh white root , Panax, tea tree oil, old ginger, Oriental Arborvitae.


  • For external use only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • If contact occurs, flush completely with cool water.
  • Patch test by dabbing a small amount of the hair lotion either behind the ear or on the inner elbow, leave to dry.
  • If any irritation, rash or unwellness occurs then do not use the product (and wash it off your skin immediately). 

Package Contents: Set of 6 pieces DEXE GROUP LTD. (U.K.)

  • 3 x 30ml day lotion (white bottle)
  • 3 x 30ml night lotion (black bottle)
  • 1 brush

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