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500ml Fusion Straight Activation Perm

RM 39.00

Fusion Straight Activation Perm let your hair go straightened with this heat activated formula. it controls and transforms your hair from frizzy and wavy to smooth glossy texture. Unique protein technology enriches the formula with added cuticle protectants and heat inhibitors to reduce frictional damage. Leaves hair smoother and shinier.

Direction of use:

F1: Smooth Perm F1 directly to hair spread evenly and leave 30 minutes. Give a light rinse and blow hair to reduce excessive water. Spray on liquid conditioner into the hair prior to using the thermal iron. Complete the iron perming until the desired straightening effect is obtained.

F2: Apply Fusion Activation Neutralizer F2 to the hair and leave to activate for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Blow the hair to 60% dry and spray on conditional for added protection. Repeat the thermal process until optimum result is achieved.

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