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50g Caring Hair Dye Dark Brown Cream Cover

50g Caring Hair Dye Dark Brown Cream

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Caring Hair Color Cream offers a comprehensive range of fasionable and neutral shades that will enrich hair color and enhance its natural beauty. It is formulated to give color coverage and a high degree of lift. The Caring formulation contains the conditioning cream and to maintain hair condition while coloring it.


    - Completely covers gray hair;

    - Highlights natural color;

    - Matches, lightens or darkens hair color as desired;

    - Colors, conditions and cleanses in one application;

    - Cream formula: Faster, easier application and more lustrous natural looking results.


1) Starting at the back of the crown apply the color cream throughout hair length from roots to ends with a tint brush. Ensure even and thoroughly distribution.

2) Leave to develop for 30 minutes. (For extremely resistant white hair, a longer development period might be needed up to 50 minutes.) Lift the hair away from the scalp to allow air to circulate thus ensuring an even-development.

3) Rinse-off with a little water and massage the hair and scalp gently to loosen excess tint. Rinse thoroughly and give a light shampoo.

Package Includes:

  • 50g Caring Hair Dye Dark Brown Cream
  • 50ml  Caring Developer  6%

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