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Dexe Herbal Hair Color Shampoo (30ml+30ml x 10 sachets)

RM 9.50

Turn your hair to color hair in just 20 minutes!

Your age will look 10 years younger!
Helps strengthen and nourish the hair and hair roots.
Helps give the hair a daker shade of color with a silky and shiny look.
Dexe Hair Color Shampoo is a kind of product which can change your hair to colorful in 20 minutes, like using normal shampoo and is specially designed to make your hair colorful and shining just through ordinary process of washing hair.It is natural, non-toxic with high technology. Compared to the traditional hair color cream, it is has the advantage of low cost, time-saving and convenience. 

It is an exceptional and safe product for hair coloring. Contains no ammonia or peroxide. The aloe extract gives your hair a beautiful, vivid color and natural shine. The aloe extract makes easier to comb out and the natural UV blocker protects hair from harmful effects of sunlight. The color holds on hair just you use it only 5 minutes, you will get the hair color you like.
  1. Wash hair thoroughly. Rinse water from hair to avoid dripping.
  2. Sachet contains developer and colorant in equal parts. 
  3. Wear plastic gloves, empty the sachet and mix both solutions properly before applying.
  4. Apply Dexe Hair Color Shampoo on hair and massage well for 20 minutes. Apply on scalp and cover the roots evenly.
  5. Rinse well with water followed with conditioner wash.

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