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Gamma+ CYBORG Professional Metal Clipper with Digital Brushless Motor #GP604M

RM 850.00

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Gamma+ CYBORG Professional Metal Clipper with Digital Brushless Motor #GP604M (Dual Voltage)   


Introducing the CYBORG HAIR CLIPPER, the ultimate tool for a professional cutting experience. With its powerful digital brushless motor with high torque density, this clipper offers 7500 rpms with low vibration and sound ensuring a comfortable and noise-free cutting experience. Note that levers cannot be assembled on the machine at the same time. The Cyborg clipper also comes with 8 superior Dub magnetic clipper guards, featuring the highest quality neodymium magnets to keep guards secure. 4 of the guards are specially designed tight guards that provide superior blending when used on standard tight 1/2 lever extension.

The CYBORG HAIR TRIMMER also has our state-of-the-art Digital Brushless Motor Trimmer. With its high torque density and low vibrations, this trimmer delivers superior performance, allowing for effortless and precise grooming. At 7500 rpms, it's a powerhouse that gets the job done quickly and effectively. Equipped with a fixed Stainless-Steel X-Pro Wide blade and The One DLC deep tooth cutting blade, this trimmer has exceptional cutting performance.

The Cyborg Hair Clipper is designed with cutting-edge features to provide a superior grooming experience. Equipped with a DIGITAL BRUSHLESS MOTOR, this clipper ensures efficient power transfer for smoother operation and reduced heat, while its high torque density minimizes vibrations and sound for a quieter experience.

Assembled with a Fixed Black Diamond DLC Faper blade and Black Diamond DLC shallow tooth 2.0 cutting blade, the Cyborg clipper offers the smoothest operation and reduced heat for the most efficient performance. The Cyborg clipper features a fully adjustable zero gap blade for the closest cut and finish.

Its Lithium-ion battery delivers 6-hours of cordless run-time from just 180-minutes of charge, and a 75-minute rapid charge which provides 3-hours of run-time. The LED light on the clipper indicates the remaining battery life, so you never have to worry about running out of power during use.

Its anti-slip LED docking station has an innovative, space-saving design that charges the clipper in just 2-hours. The clipper also comes with 2 customizable click or floating levers for left or right-handed operation, providing maximum versatility.

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