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Home / Salon Standard Hair Diffuser

RM 8.00 RM 18.00

Color: Black / White


This Diffuser is suitable for home use or in the salon. It creates a soft and natural look, without blowing out the style. New angle design makes it so easy to use. It use on short or long hair for straight, feathered or scrunched styles, lifts and separates hair as it dries for quick to bring out natural texture, long lasting volume and body.



  • Unique wind outlet, equal hot wind distribution.
  • Easy-to-use, compact size.
  • Compact and light weight for easy storage and handling.
  • Optimal shaping speed and shaping effect.
  • Novel and streamline appearance design.
  • Designed to fit all commercially available hair dryers.



Step 1: Take a shower and apply your hair products (i.e. gel, mouse, etc.). Then scrunch some of the moisture out of your hair with a cotton cloth (or tshirt) because a terry cloth towel will cause frizz. You can also try plopping your hair if you have 10-15 minutes to spare.

Step 2: Attach the diffuser to your hair dryer. 

Step 3: Section out some hair that will fit and place it over the diffuser.

Step 4: Move the hair dryer upwards so the hair is scrunched against your head by the diffuser.

Step 5: Turn the hair dryer on and wait for 30-45 seconds, with it still pressed against your head. If it gets too hot press the cool shot button or move the diffuse away slightly.

Step 6: Turn the hair dryer off and pick out another section. This is crucial the farther away the diffuser is from your head, the more it will blow your hair around and creating frizz.

Step 7: Continue until your hair is about 80% dry. Drying all they way will cause frizz.

Step 8: Use a little gel or a light spray product to set your hair. Enjoy your curls!



  • Total Length: 9cm
  • Opening Diameter for hair: 12.8cm
  • Opening Diameter for hair dryer: 4.1cm

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