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Ji Chung Korea Premium 1 Minute Hair Color Dye Cream

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- Nano dying material made by the CRP System: Through the optimum mixture ratio of the coloring matters and the minimization of oil particles, the dyeing essence is absorbed into the air in a single minute.
- Combination of natural dyes and amino acids: Amino acid and ceramide prevent damage during the dyeing process and maintains a healthy state for each strand of hair.
- Lanoline and polyquaternium-10 component: creates a smoother and glossier dyeing by adding essential nutrients to the cuticle of the hair.
- Delicate herbal floral scent.
- Components
* Peony – prevents drying, brittleness and tangles in the air hair and protects from ultraviolet rays.
* Cnidium officinale – heals wounds, combines damaged parts of hair, and protects from overstimulation.
* Curcuma – As a natural yellow coloring agent, this component provides a natural appealing shade to hair and increases glossiness.
* Morus alba – increases moisturizing power and provides vital nutrients and amino acids.

High Speed oriental medicine hair color:
- Dye passes through into cortex deeply
- Grey hair cover for 1~2mins without damaging.

Contaning oriental medicine extract causing a soft coloring:
- Curcume, Cnidium officinale makino, Moraceae rhizodermis, Peony root mixed.
- To prevent hair damage.

No ammonia type without irritation:
- No ammonia, Low PH
- Brown for grey hair 50% of whole hair.

How to Use:
Step 1: Hair diagnosis: Check your hair condition, length, volume, and damage.

Step 2: Choose your preferred color.

Step 3: Mix hair dye with oxidant cream at a 1:1 ratio.
- Make sure to close the lid of the product right after use.
- As for the product of black & dark brown, though the color of the oxidant cream is reddish, it will come out as dark brown.

Step 4: Begin applying the section with a large quantity of gray hair first.
- The appropriate angle of brush in applying the mixture is 45 degrees to the downside. (Using the brush with its angle down helps you apply a sufficient amount of mixture to the requiring section of gray hair).

Step 5: Leave it for a minute after application.
- For short hair, apply the mixture to the hair within around 10 minutes, and then set the time.
- For those with thick hair with large quantity of gray hair, leave it for another 1~2 minutes.
- The effects may be different depending on the quantity of application and temperature.
- Before rinsing, have a bit of water on the tips of your fingers, gently roll over the scalp, and lightly massage your hair.
- Your hair can be evenly dyed, with the dye absorption along the face line to be removed.

Step 6: After shampooing and rinsing, styling your hair.

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