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Meidi MD-MX300 Barber Salon UV Tool Sterilizer Cabinet

RM 212.00 RM 268.00

UV sterilizer, 8W bulb, designed for disinfecting clothing, towels, napkins, tablecloths, blankets, small appliances. Quick and effective to sterilize many tools and kill most micro-organisms. Great equipment to improve the quality of family life. Especially, it is good for beauty salon, sauna shop, SPA, hotel, nail salon, hair salon, etc.

UV sterilizer, flat style, designed for disinfecting and sterilizing.
254mm ultraviolet light, replaceable, power saving and efficient. 
Pull-out drawer, convenient and easy to use.
Auto shut-off, automatically switch off the ultraviolet light when open the drawer.
Coated inspection cover, easy to see cabinet items inside.
Super UV sterilization, clean, disinfectant and safe. 

Type: UV Sterilizer
Material: ABS
Color: As pictures show 
Plug Standard: EU Plug
Sterilization Time: 30-45minutes
Applicable Tool: 3D glasses, makeup tool, manicure tool, hairdressing tool, medical equipment, wig, towel, etc.
Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
Power: 8W
Cabinet Size: Approx. 31 * 20 * 11cm / 12.2 * 7.9 * 4.3in 
Item Size: Approx. 39.5 * 23.7 * 20.5cm / 15.6 * 9.3 * 8.1in 
Item Weight: Approx. 1634g / 57.6oz
Package Size: Approx. 43 * 25 * 21cm / 16.9 * 9.8 * 8.3in
Package Weight: Approx. 1919g / 67.7oz

Please refer to the user manual for more detailed information.

Package Includes:
1 * UV Sterilizer
1 * User Manual

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