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The Rich Barber 1 Min Blade Modifier

RM 160.00 RM 198.00


Modified barber blades are the new standard. The Rich Barber’s 1 Min Blade Modifier is the only way you’ll keep up. The men’s grooming industry is rapidly growing, and if you want to stay a barber in demand, always keep your blades sharp. In only a minute, the 1 Min Blade Modifier will turn your regular blade into a perfectly modified barber blade. Therefore, you’ll get sharp lines, close shaves, and customers who will always be in your chair.

The Rich Barber’s 1 Min Blade Modifier puts the power back in the barber’s hands. You’ll pay RM160 only for at least 20 blade modifications. Other companies charge you RM35-50 for one modification. So, buying 20 modified blades at RM35 each, you will pay RM700!!

Buy the 1 Min Blade Modifier for just RM160 and do it yourself.


* Modify each blade to your liking. Modified barber blades give you complete control.

* We used a diamond metal stone for plenty of uses (15-20).

* Designed to not over sharpen any blade.

* Modifies all professional Andis, Wahl, Oster, & Babyliss Pro Blades.

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