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Wahl Barber 10 Pack Premium Cutting Guide Attachment Comb

RM 78.00 RM 128.00

70% stronger than standard combs with extra-strong grip.

Wahl's Premium clipper combs are made from engineering-grade materials which makes them 70% stronger than their standard plastic clipper combs. This gives them better rigidity and ensures that they'll last longer.

The also feature Secure-fit® Technology metal tabs instead of the standard plastic ones. These clip onto the clipper blade with a much stronger hold, ensuring that the comb can't detach from the blade mid-clip.

As well as durability, the teeth on the Premium Guides have a rounded profile to give a smoother cutting experience that's easier for you and more comfortable for your clients.

Wahl's Premium Cutting Guides come in a pack of 10 combs with a caddy to keep them all organised in. Comb sizes are the standard #1–8 (3 mm–25 mm) as well as #½ (1.5 mm) and #1½ (4.5 mm).

Fit all Wahl professional taper clipper blades.

Comes with a handy organiser tray that keeps them in order, the 10 cutting guides come in a great array of sizes:

• #1/2 - 1.5mm cutting length (FOC unit)

• #1 1/2 - 4.5mm cutting length (FOC unit)

• No. 1 - 3mm cutting length 

• No. 2 - 6mm cutting length

• No. 3 - 9mm cutting length 

• No. 4 - 13mm cutting length

• No. 5 - 16mm cutting length 

• No. 6 - 19mm cutting length

• No. 7 - 22mm cutting length 

• No. 8 - 25mm cutting length

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