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Wahl Barber 8 Pack Colored Hair Cutting Guides Clipper Attachment Comb

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Made of revolutionary space-age DURACON;
Far superior to hard rubber of nylon;
Strong, flexible, unconditionally guaranteed against breakage;
Flame-treated, non-scratching, super smooth teeth-glide easily through thickest hair;
Not affected by hair solutions or chemicals;
Highly heat-resistant, ideal for blow-drying;
Finest salon quality made for today's wigs and hairstyles.

Colored Attachment Combs Size:

No.1 - 3mm (1/8")
No.2 - 6mm (1/4")
No.3 - 10mm (3/8")
No.4 - 13mm (1/2")
No.5 - 16mm (3/6")
No.6 - 19mm (3/4")
No.7 - 22mm (7/8")
No.8 - 25mm (1")

Attachment Combs for the following clippers:

Wahl 8466 Professional Super Taper Hair Clipper
Wahl 8466 Super Taper Professional Hair Clipper (Chrome Edition)
Wahl 8470 Super Taper Professional Hair Clipper (Black Edition)
Wahl 8466 Super Taper Hair Clipper (Limited Edition)
Wahl 8256 Pro Basic Professional Hair Clipper
Wahl Student Plus Professional Hair Clipper (Made in USA)
Wahl PRO2171 Super Taper Hair Clipper (Made in USA 2-Hole Blade)
Stylno Precision Taper Professional Hair Clipper
Wahl 2170 Professional Heavy Duty Hair Clipper
Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper + Sterling 2 Plus Trimmer (Combo Set)
Wahl 8120 Professional Pet Clipper
Walux 905 Professional Super Shark Hair Clipper
Walux 905 Professional Small Shark Hair Clipper

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