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Wahl Professional Animal 1037-400 Adjustable Replacement Show Pro Blade (30-15-10)

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Wahl Standard Replacement Blade Set (30-15-10)

With a satin chrome corrosion-inhibitive finish and fits all Wahl adjustable blade clippers. Adjusts from sizes #30-#15-#10 (3/64" - 3/32" cut).


  • Pro Ion Cordless Pet Clipper (WC-AW)
  • Pro Ion Cordless Equine Clipper (WC-DA)
  • Iron Horse Plus (Equine) Clipper (WC-CA)
  • ShowPro Plus (Equine) Clipper (WC-FI)
  • Pet Clipper With Adjustable Blade (WC-DG)


  • Wahl Professional Animal's Standard Adjustable Blade Set is designed to fit Wahl's Pro Ion, Iron Horse, Show Pro Plus, U-Clip, and Deluxe U-Clip animal clippers with adjustability to #30, #15, and #10 sized cuts.
  • Ideal for clipping and trimming all animal coats, including dogs, cats, horses, and livestock; also perfect for full-body clipping, complete shave downs, and show cuts.
  • An easy-to-adjust taper lever adjusts between precise 3/64-inch and 3/62-inch cut lengths for three blades in one.
  • Made of high grade stainless steel for seamless feeding of pet hair fur while providing groomers and animal professionals with an ideal clipping, trimming, and grooming experience.

Made in the USA

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